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Commissioning of Drilling Mud System For ZJ70 Rig


On April 18th, Brightway two sets ZJ70 drilling mud system is installing and commissioning in one oil drilling site. The system is customized for the big overseas drilling company .  Brighway technical services team also has arrived and directed installation. This is the second cooperation between Brightway and the customer. 

Drilling Mud System For ZJ70 Rig

The ZJ70 drilling mud system main equipment includs: high frequency mud shaker, mud cleaner, vacuum degasser, high speed mud centrifuge, mud gas separator, trip pumps and more than 20 mud tanks and mud agitator. Compared to previous systems, The ZJ70 drilling mud system has been optimized according to customer requirements, including: Selection of important solid control equipment, system layout design, explosion control system design, quick connection of manifold of various tanks. More focus on efficiency and security in system details.

The ZJ70 drilling mud system main equipment

Because the drilling mud solid control equipment ordered by the customer is urgent need on site, Brighway complete product task of system with quality and quantity in the shortest time, in accordance with customer requirements.  At present, The installation of system has completed 70%. the systemIt is expected to start operation next month.

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