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Drilling Waste Management


Drilling Waste Management


Drilling waste management is also known as drilling waste disposal system, drilling cuttings treatment system, drill cutting disposal system. According to the utility, it is divided into: water-base drilling cuttings management system and oil-base drilling cuttings management system. Its main equipment includes: Drying Shale Shaker, Cuttings Dryer, Drilling Fluid centrifuge, Screw Conveyor, Screw Pump and so on. 

Brightway is the Drilling Waste Management Service Company, and focus on oil drilling fluids treatment solution and drilling waste management solution.


Brightway Waste Management Solution


Drilling waste management solution


Brightway Drilling Waste Managemt Applicaiton


Drilling Waste Management Cases and Application:


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What Can We Do For Our Customer


1. Know customer requirements in detail; 

2. Provide the professional customized solutions for customer to approve; 

3. Reach the agreement with customer for the 3D design,technical&commercial contract; 

4. Provide the order production schedule to customer; 

5. Provide the product quality control documents and certificates before shipment; 

6. Provide the product pictures before shipment and loading pictures at the port; 

7. Provide the services for the Installation,commissioning,training at the site; 

8. Annual production capacity: 50 sets;


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