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Notícias da empresa

  • Mud Tanks Shipped to UAE Customers 2022-06-20

    In the solid control system industry, the mud tank is also called a mud mixing tank or a mud storage tank. It is mainly used in oil drilling, HDD, and other engineering fields. The mud tank and the mud mixing circulation system are the necessary equipment for ...

  • A Set of BWZS104 Dual Tandem Shale Shakers Shipped to Pakistan 2022-06-13

    Recently, at the request of Pakistani customers, Brightway has produced and shipped a set of BWZS104 dual tandem shale shakers. Dual tandem mud shaker and triple tandem mud shaker are mainly for the convenience of regular solids control system installation. Ge...

  • ZJ30 Drilling Mud Solids Control System Delivered to Iraqi Customers 2022-06-06

    Brightway is a professional manufacturer of drilling solids control and drilling waste disposal equipment, drilling fluid centrifuges, drilling cuttings dryers, sludge vacuum pumps, mud tanks, mud agitators, centrifugal pumps, etc., as well as the production a...

  • Brightway Wishes You a Happy Dragon Boat Festival 2022-06-02

    The Dragon Boat Festival is approaching. Brightway wishes the people of the country and all new and old customers and friends a happy Dragon Boat Festival and a happy family! The Dragon Boat Festival is full of love, and the fragrance of zongzi accompanies it!...

  • ZJ20 Drilling Rig Solids Control System Shipped to Turkmenistan Customers 2022-05-23

    After years of deep cultivation in the field of oilfield drilling solids control, and exporting a number of large-scale complete solids control systems overseas, Brightway has a mature solids control equipment R&D and production system, and the design of s...

  • Decanter Centrifuge Working Principle 2022-05-13

    A decanter centrifuge is an industrial centrifuge that continuously separates solids from liquids. The separation in the decanter occurs due to the high centrifugal force generated by its rotating bowl. Brightway decanter centrifuge is mainly used for Solid-li...

  • Brightway’s Mud Service Team Successfully Passed the CNPC Certification Training... 2022-05-09

    Recently, the mud service team of Brightway went to Qingyang, Gansu Province to receive professional training on HSE management and hydrogen sulfide protection knowledge from experts and teachers of CNPC, and successfully passed tests. In the future oil s...

  • Three BWZS103 Shale Shakers of Brightway Shipped to Indonesian Customers 2022-05-06

    A few days ago, three BWZS103 shale shakers of Brightway were loaded and ready to be shipped to Indonesian customers. Indonesia is an important market, and Brightway has exported there several sets of mud shale shakers, mud cleaners, decanter centrifuges, liqu...

  • Brighway Wishes You a Happy Labor Day! 2022-04-29

    On Labor Day, Brightway and all employees send loyal blessings to the people of the country, customers and friends at home and abroad, wishing you a happy Labor Day, a smooth career and good health, joyful life! Brightway wishes hard workers from all walks of ...

  • 3 Sets of Small Mud Shale Shaker Sent to Kazakhstan 2022-04-28

    On April 27, Brightway's 3 sets of shale shaker were ready to be shipped to Kazakhstan.  The mud shale shaker is customized according to customer requirements in Kazakhstan, and is mainly used as a mud treatment equipment. Each set of shale shaker is equi...

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