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  • Brightway Drilling Mud Mixing System for Geothermal Well Drilling Projects 2024-06-05

    The drilling mud mixing system designed and manufactured by Brightway is applied in the geothermal drilling field in Australia. This system consists of four modules: mixing device, mud mixing tank, explosion-proof electrical control system, and lighting system...

  • 9000m ultra-deep 3000hp Drilling Rig Mud System For Xinjiang of China 2024-04-30

    April 23,  Brightway 9000m ultra-deep 3000hp drilling rig mud system was transported to  Xinjiang Tarim by 22 semi-trucks.  Since the beginning of the year, Brightway has focused on the production of solid control equipment for Xinjiang ultra-de...

  • (ZJ50)1500HP Drilling Rig Circulation System for BOMCO 2024-04-28

    Recently, Brightway has successfully delivered the (ZJ50)1500HP drilling rig circulation system for the production of a 1500 horsepower hybrid drilling rig for Baoji Oilfield Machinery Co., Ltd. (BOMCO) to Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), the largest oi...

  • Brightway (ZJ70) 2000HP Drilling Mud Control System of Saudi Aramco 2024-04-02

    Recently, the (ZJ70) 2000HP drilling mud control system manufactured by Brightway company for Saudi Aramco is about to be delivered. Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabian Oil Company), is an international oil company with top-ranking comprehensive strength. About 66% of...

  • The Second ZJ90 (3000HP) Solids Control System for Xinjiang Project 2024-03-27

    The second set of ZJ90 solids control system of Brightway has been officially put into operation at the Xinjiang Oilfield site.  This set of solids control system is the second system in the three sets of 9000-meter ultra-deep well solids control system c...

  • Oil Drilling Solids Control System to Pakistan 2024-02-28

    On February 26th, Brightway ZJ30 oil drilling solids control system was being assembled and debugged, and will soon be delivered to a Pakistani customer. The ZJ30 drilling rig solids control system is equipped with mud shaker, vacuum degasser, desander desilte...

  • Brightway Wishes A Happy New Year 2024 2024-02-07

    On February 5th, Brightway 2012-2024 Annual Conference was grandly held. At this annual conference, the company's employees carefully prepared a variety of programs for everyone. Hundreds of guests, including domestic and foreign customers, employees, and fami...

  • Solids Control System (ZJ90) Is Put Into Operation 2023-12-15

    Brightway developed three ZJ90/6750DB solid control systems that have been completed all assembling adjustments. The first one has been put into operation formaly.  This system, is made up of six BWZS104G high frequency shale shaker, one BWZCQ270 vacuum d...

  • late-model Drilling Mud Cooler for Drilling Fluid 2023-07-10

    Recently, A late-model  drilling mud cooler of Brightway has completed various production indicators and is ready to be delivered to customers. The late-model  drilling mud cooler is the latest patented product of Brightway. Its structure consists of...

  • Two Sets of Desanding Plant for Indonesian Pipe Jacking Construction 2023-04-11

    Recently, two sets of 200m³ desanding plants from Brightway were delivered to Indonesian customers to assist in the construction of local pipe jacking projects. This desanding plant adopts electric control, with high automation program and simple operation. It...

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