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Notícias de tecnologia

  • Drilling Mud Mixing Equipment 2022-01-29

    In field of oil drilling mud treatment, drilling mud mixing equipment includes mud mixing agitator, mud mixing hooper, mud mixing tank. These drilling mud mixing equipment are assembled into a mud mixing system. Mud mixing equipment is used to add different ch...

  • Types of Drilling Mud Systems 2022-01-05

    The drilling mud system is generally matched according to the types of drilling rig, and the types of drilling rig are classified according to the drilling depth. For example: ZJ20 drilling mud system stands for 2000m drilling rig, ZJ30 drilling mud system sta...

  • XJ350, XJ550, XJ750 Workover Rig Mud System 2022-01-05

    As a manufacturer of workover rig mud system, Brightway can produce matching workover rig mud systems for XJ350, XJ550, XJ750 and other workover rigs. Compared with the skid-mounted workover rig mud system, the system is mainly of mobile design, and the vehicl...

  • Top 3 Drilling Waste Management Companies in China 2021-12-31

    Mud treatment is a necessary for oilfield drilling waste management. Useful mud is recovered while drilling, and the solid phase can be separated to replace the mud pool. The demand for improved drilling technology has spawned a batch of drilling waste managem...

  • Drilling Cuttings Management in Oil & Gas Drilling 2021-12-31

    As we all know, in the process of petroleum exploration and production, a large amount of drilling waste and drill cuttings will be generated. If it is not handled in time, it will seriously damage the surrounding environment and even cause personal safety. Th...

  • Different of Solids Control System and Drilling Waste Management 2021-12-29

    Solids Control System and Drilling Waste Management are important equipment for oil drilling mud and drilling cuttings treatment. but what difference between Drilling Solids Control System and Drilling Waste Management?  Drilling solids control system is ...

  • Oil Drilling Solid Control Company in China 2021-12-29

    There are four fomous solids control company in China. such as Brightway, GN, Western, Kosun etc. they design and produce solids control equipment and system for drilling rigs and export the solids control products to many countries in the world. Today let me ...

  • Vertical G Cuttings Dryer for Drillling Cuttings 2021-12-28

    The verti g cuttings dryer is essential to the drilling cuttings treatment system. The verti g cuttings dryer is fed by a screw conveyor to process oil-based drilling cuttings with a processing capacity of 30-50 tons/hour. Drill cuttings discharged from the sh...

  • 20hp 15 kw Mud Mixer for Drilling Mud Tank 2021-12-28

    The mud mixer is designed to prevent the sedimentation of the mud in the drilling tank; to be mounted on the tank and must constantly stir the mud in the tank with a blade. The mud mixer should be completed with the following parts, The mud mixer consists of a...

  • Drilling Mud Mixing System is Key For Mud Mixing & Circulation 2021-12-27

    In drilling engineering, whether it is oil drilling or non-excavation directional drilling, the mud or drilling fluid must be mixed before being reinjected, so that mud circulation can be formed. Therefore, mud mixing is an important process second only to sol...

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