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Notícias da empresa

Mud Mixing Equipment Was Delivered to Nigerian Customers


Recently, a batch of drilling mud mixing equipment of Brightway, including mud agitator, centrifugal pump, jet mud mixer and other equipment, will be delivered to Nigerian customers.

mud mixing equipment

The mud mixing equipment is an important part of the mud treatment system. The mud mixing equipment delivered to the customer this time includes: 12 mud agitators, 4 centrifugal pumps, 4 jet mud mixers, multiple mud guns and electric control systems. Due to the long distance of this transportation, Brightway company specially customized iron boxes for customers to carefully pack them to prevent equipment erosion or damage in the process of shipping.

centrifugal pumps

As a professional manufacturer of mud solids control equipment, Brightway is committed to producing and supplying customers with shale shakers, desander desilter, vacuum degasser, centrifugal pump, mud tank, mud agitator, jet mud mixer and other high-quality solid control equipment and complete solid control system solutions.

mud agitators

It can be widely used in oil drilling mud solids control, CBM drilling mud solids control, HDD mud recycling, micro-tunneling and pipe ramming separation, centralized disposal of liquid mud plant, oily sludge treatment and other fields.

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