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Notícias de tecnologia

Separation Plants for Traffic Tunnelling


The slurry separation plant is optimally matched to the requirements of the traffic tunneling process and separates the mud from solid particles of various sizes (gravel, gravel and sand). Using the most advanced screening technology and hydraulic vacuum cyclone separator with powerful G force, the solid is separated from the mud. Efficient separation procedures have the following essential characteristics.

slurry separation plant manufactured by brightway

The mud is thoroughly separated and dewatered until a very low residual moisture content is achieved; bentonite and other additives are added according to the geological conditions. The less residual moisture, the lighter the muck to be separated and the lower the cost of spoil. In addition, when excavating in sandy and cohesive soils, if fine particles remain in the suspension, the ability of the mud to absorb solid slag particles will be reduced, which will affect the traffic tunneling speed. In this case, additional filter presses and centrifuges should be used to avoid thickening of the muddy water.

One of the advantages of slurry shield equipment is its wide application in heterogeneous geological conditions. If soil and rock conditions change, the screening pads in the slurry separation plant must be replaced. Using the quick screen replacement technology developed by Brightway, the screen replacement can be completed in the gap when the tunnel excavator stops driving for pipe ring installation without any additional tools. Cost-effectiveness is improved due to the use of durable and easy-to-maintain polyurethane screen panels or steel screens, and the entire mud-water separation plant achieves high operating efficiency.

Slurry separation plant in the workshop

One of the standard configurations of Brightway Slurry separation plant is the modular container design, which can be expanded, reduced or moved quickly and easily. Based on this feature, the slurry separation plant can be flexibly modified according to specific applications, and the assembly and dismantling speed is fast and the cost is low. The internal settings of the slurry separation plant also adopt a modular design making maintenance, equipment repair and parts replacement fairly easy.

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